Doctoral programme "Multilingualism: acquisition, education and society"


It is the aim of this programme to offer academic support as well as substantial and attractive input for doctoral students in multilingualism research.

1. General academic training in multilingualism research at the doctoral level
2. Specific training in one of the three areas of specialisation:

  • Language acquisition / usage and multilingualism (psycholinguistics)
  • Language learning / teaching and multilingualism (applied linguistics)
  • Society and multilingualism (sociolinguistics)

3. Training in research methods and as a researcher in multilingualism
4. Forming of research networks with other doctoral students (academic socialisation)


The programme consists of three modules:

Module A: General academic training

  • 1 workshop of 2 days every 2 years.

Module B: Thematic specialisation

  • 1 workshop of 2 days every year for each area of specialisation.
  • 1 Winter School (residential) for each area of specialisation every 3 years.

Module C: Soft Skills / Basic competences

  • Relevant courses are offered by the University of Fribourg. (The doctoral programme will not be able to cover any fees.)


The doctoral programme is carried out in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Language and Society of the University of Bern.



12.11.2020 - 15:00 to 13.11.2020 - 18:30
Institute of Multilingualism, University of Fribourg

Assessing L2 pragmatic and interactional competences

PhD-Workshop with: 

- Prof. Dr. Naoko Taguchi, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Daniel Lam, University of Bedfordshire

Chair: Prof. Dr. Anita Thomas, Université de Fribourg

              Prof. Dr. Simona Pekarek Doehler, Université de Neuchâtel           

Where: Institute of Multilingualism, Rue de Morat 24, 1700 Fribourg, room K1.03