Languages, Identity and Tourism

A contribution towards understanding the social and linguistic challenges facing Switzerland in the context of globalisation
Multilingualism in institutions and society
Project management:

Prof. Ingrid Piller, Zayed University, E.A.U.

01.2005 to 12.2009

Swiss National Science Foundation, NRP 56 Language diversity and linguistic competences in Switzerland

This project adopts a sociolinguistic approach to examine the linguistic aspects of tourism on three levels: 1. How do people deal with multilingualism in basic interaction, for example, at the airport or the tourist information desk? 2. How are these practices established in training programs? 3. What linguistic strategies are applied when advertising a particular tourist destination, for example, in slogans and brochures? The project aims to appraise the importance of multilingualism in tourism as well as to gauge the significance of foreign language skills in the service industry in the conditions of a globalised world in general. A further objective is to shed light on which languages and which skills play a part in constructing the workplace in the tourism branch and to analyse the form these structures take.